NOVApp Fertility Technology Users’ Course


The NOVApp Fertility Technology is based on the daily observation, identification and documentation (charting) of biological signs and symptoms (biomarkers) of the menstrual cycle.

By following the validated steps and observational routine, learners quickly gain confidence and self-awareness of the events happening in the body of the woman throughout her menstrual cycle. The confident identification of the fertility biomarkers is subsequently applied to achieve the reproductive health intention(s).

Usually, a course of training for users runs for three months, two sessions per week for the first month followed by once every week for the next month. The final month is a session per fortnight.

Course Aims and Objectives
At the end of three (3) months, the diligent candidate will be able to:

1. Explain what is fertility awareness or natural family planning
2. Define NOVApp Fertility Technology
3. Describe the biomarkers (signs) of ovulation
4. Chart the biomarkers of the menstrual cycle
5. Explain the significance of the biomarkers in relation to reproduction
6. Use the NÓVApp technique to achieve or avoid pregnancy naturally.
7. Use the NOVApp method to pre-select the sex of their baby.
8. Identify abnormal chart patterns and to seek appropriate help

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Level: Basic