NOVApp Fertility Technology Users’ Course


The NOVApp Fertility Technology is based on the daily observation, identification and documentation (charting) of biological signs and symptoms (biomarkers) of the menstrual cycle.

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Level: Basic

NOVApp Fertility Technology Teachers’ Course


This course builds upon the basic course and deepens the understanding and stamina of the participants.

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Level: Intermediate

NOVApp Fertility Technology Advanced Course


This course is for qualified medical practitioners. NOVApp Technology applies the phenomenological information from the charting of the menstrual biomarkers to evaluate, track and manage the sexual and reproductive health conditions of the woman.

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Level: Advanced

Reproductive Health Monitoring


Health Dimensions empowers women to have a positive view towards their fertility as both a natural attribute of human biology and personal health asset.

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Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Infertility Management

Across cultures, infertility is a distressful condition. Traditionally, women are often presumed to be the harbingers of the woes of childlessness in marriage.

Level: Advanced